About us


PhotoPuzzleAU specializes in jigsaw puzzle manufacturing. Using our services, you can upload your photo, design or artwork to order a bespoke personalized jigsaw。

We think we have three advantages compared to other websites:

Quality – Giving you the best-quality printed photo jigsaw puzzles and exceeding your expectations.

Price – Giving you quality without breaking the bank. We make sure we’re always priced competitively.

Service – We aim to look after you and your order every step of the way with first-class customer service.

We can offer lower prices and faster turnaround than other personalized puzzle websites, because we do all the work ourselves that is required to make a jigsaw. That’s why many customers are coming back and referring us to their friends, family members, and colleagues. We’ve made sure that every client feels happy and would use us again in the future.

Hopefully we can make you feel the same way!

Sharing love and touch. Assimilating into personalized design. Alive with sincere emotion. Carrying kindness and personality. We're on a quest to bring the excitement to all.

Our Vision: To be the most-loved place for photo puzzle of our guests.

Our Mission: Impressing every guest.

We want each and every single one of our customers to have an easy and fabulous experience because that's the way shopping should be! If a customer is struggling with ordering or with an existing order, our customer service team is happy to help and available to do assistance to ensure a smooth and hassle free experience.

PhotoPuzzleAU cares about their customers and recognizes the importance of a happy customer.


Our team has designers, extraordinary customer service, marketing specialists, and more – totaling about 25 people. Our team is small but our impact is mighty. We provide hundreds of jobs. We are constantly developing new products and designs of puzzles to cater to every occasion and style. We are excited to have our community of trend-setters with us to come along for the journey.


For the mom who is so proud of her children, she wants the world to know.
For the daughter who paid her way through college and has every reason to celebrate.
For the newlywed couple who wants their family to be there whether they can physically be there, or not.
We have a product for you. For all of you. We’re happy you’re a part of the Community.

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